40,000 squid eggs curl like springs in the sea

Divers come across a giant nest of squid eggs floating in water near the Great Barrier Reef.

Ocean Safari diving company recorded purple elongated objects on the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast and shared on Facebook on September 13. According to Kellie Roberts, manager of Ocean Safari, at first they didn’t know what it was. The wobbly object also makes many people use social networks confused.

“We took a while to look up what we saw and turned out to be squid eggs,” Roberts said. Most likely this is the egg of the diamond back squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus), a large species of squid distributed in tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Unlike other squid species, diamond back squid spends most of its life with a partner.

The life expectancy of this squid is only about a year. They mate and lay eggs only once, according to Dr. Blake Spady, a squid expert at James Cook University. Eggs usually contain 35,000 – 75,000 fruits. Dr. Spady estimates the squid eggs in the video include about 40,000.

Million dollar gold store in wreck 200 years

The divers found gold coins and many ancient items during the research of the SS North Carolina wreck.

The SS North Carolina steam ship sank into the ocean after colliding with Governor Dudley off South Carolina on July 25, 1840. The dive team and a dedicated ship of the archaeological company Blue Water Ventures International and Endurance Exploration came to this site to study at the end of September. Gold coins, marbles, tableware, copper nails used to build ships were among be found first.

No one was killed in the 1840 collision. Passengers on SS North Carolina were safely transferred to Governor Dudley. However, luggage and cargo were lost when the shipwreck. According to estimates, the amount of money on SS North Carolina is worth millions of dollars today.

“After the first half of 2019 working in the wrecks, including some famous places, to serve the law, it’s great to be back at SS North Carolina salvage work, especially when you see the money. gold on the first day, “said Keith Webb, president of Blue Water Ventures International. If the weather is favorable, the salvage process will take place in October and November.

Last year, the Rhode Island Maritime Archaeological Project (RIMAP) found a mysterious wreck on the bottom of Newport Harbor suspected to be HMS Endeavor, the famous ship that once brought Captain James Cook to Australia. In June this year, scientists also discovered a wreck in 1781 in Virginia.

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