Spinach combined with this food into a valuable tonic without spending millions

In the fall, eating spinach is a very good choice, it not only has a lot of good nutrients for the body, but when combined with peanuts is better than heart tonic, cancer prevention.

Chinese medicine said that spinach has a sweet taste, on average, into the liver, intestines, colon, small intestine, has the effect of reducing antipyretic, blood circulation, enhancing intestinal function. It can be said that the whole spinach trunk is a “treasure”, from the leaves to the root are rich in nutrients, regular consumption is very good for health.

The effect of spinach
1. Plant heart medication: Spinach is rich in coenzyme Q10, can activate cells and provide nutrition to cells, heart muscle, help blood supply, prevent and support the treatment of heart disease very well. .
2. Plant insulin: Spinach leaves contain an insulin-like substance that helps control blood sugar and maintain blood sugar stability. Therefore, people with unstable blood sugar should eat more spinach in the fall.
3. Plant calcium tablets: Spinach root is rich in vitamin K, which can effectively reduce and prevent osteoporosis and reduce the occurrence of fractures.
How to choose and handle spinach

1. Choose spinach: Perhaps many people do not know how to choose spinach, thinking that you only need to buy it when the stems are short red and green. In fact, when buying spinach, dried spinach is easier to maintain than wet spinach.
2. Handling before eating: Spinach contains oxalic acid, which is certain corrosive. It is best to dip spinach in water at a temperature of 60-80 degrees before eating to eliminate oxalic acid.
Combined with peanuts into the “remedy” quarter
1. Natural antihypertensive drugs: Peanuts are rich in resveratrol, which not only prevents tumors, but also prevents and treats atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and effectively lowers blood pressure.
2. Natural cholesterol-lowering medicine: Peanut oil is rich in linoleic acid, can promote the breakdown of cholesterol in the human body, convert into bile acids and be excreted out, avoid accumulation of cholesterol in the human body, at the same time effectively prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.
3. Natural anti-aging medicine: Peanuts can activate brain cells, enhance memory function, delay premature aging and have excellent anti-aging effect. Middle-aged and old people should eat more.
4. Natural anti-cancer drugs: During digestion and absorption of soluble fiber in peanuts, it can swell and absorb harmful substances and toxins in the human body and excrete them out. , has a positive effect on reducing toxins that exist in the body and reducing the incidence of intestinal cancer.
5. Natural blood supplement medicine: Peanuts have very high hematopoietic function, can enhance the function of platelets and effectively stop bleeding. In particular, the thin red outer layer of peanuts has a very strong blood-strengthening effect, 50 times stronger than peanuts, so when eating peanuts should not remove the shell.

Ingredients: spinach, peanuts, onions, ginger, dried chillies, salt, white sugar, soy sauce, vinegar.

1. Peanuts into the pot, not for oil, roast and roast peanuts on low heat, then remove to cool.
2. Spinach after washing, dip boiling water, then take out to cool water, cut small pieces into a bowl, then sprinkle with chopped fresh ginger.
3. Add the appropriate amount of oil to the saucepan, after the hot oil is chopped scallions, dry chili and sautéed. Continue pouring this mixture into a bowl of spinach.
4. Finally add salt, white sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and peanuts mixed with spinach. Finally, the spinach mixed with peanuts

Kangaroo eat corpses to get nutrients

Ecologists observed some unusual behaviors of kangaroos due to scarcity of food.

Australia prepares to welcome the hot summer after a dry winter and experts worry about the fate of millions of kangaroos, Xinhua reported on October 5. Contrary to the countries in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia usually lasts from December to February. Some small native species can struggle to survive drought. However, kangaroos with larger sizes and overcrowded numbers can die in mass.

A number of wildlife lakes located far away from residential areas have dried up for the first time in history, according to Vicki-Lee Wilson, manager of Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary in South Australia. “There are some lakes that we think will always have water, but now they are also depleted for a year and a half. The remaining water is dirty and of poor quality. This is very bad,” she said.

Kangaroos desperately seek food, says ecologist Katherine Moseby of the University of New South Wales. Kangaroo died massively in arid areas where she worked last summer.

“We see kangaroos going into public toilets and eating toilet paper. They even eat the stomachs of roadside dead children, trying to get some nutrition from their dead bodies. It’s horrible and heartbreaking.” when witnessing that scene, “said Katherine Moseby.

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